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The Covid Excuse

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Back in 'normal' times we were all really busy. The usual excuse was "I didn't see your email yet, I have so many". Then came along this Global Pandemic, Covid 19. It appears more and more it is becoming an excuse for lame business practices. I am sorry to see this happen. I believe if we make a mistake in business it is important to put the hands up, apologise and move on quick to solve the issue. During this time it is to be expected that Covid-19 will have an impact on your business operations but it cannot be used as an excuse.

As we move into a new mode of operation across all industries it will be important that we do not allow Covid-19 to become the new "I didn't see your email" excuse. As business leaders we can set the tone within our organisations, and within our communities. Let us all promote the positives of our organisations and set a culture post Covid that lays bare the truth of poor practice and holds the hands up , apologises and moves on to rectify.

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